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Each package contains 30 patches, a 30 day supply.

The most common transdermal patch in the today’s market is the quit smoking (nicotine) patch, which helps with termination of cigarettes smoking. The first transdermal patch to reduce smoking starts to sell in Europe in 2007. Today are available a huge variety of products, based on to the transdermal delivery: Hormonal patches, includes Estrogen and Testosterone; Contraceptive patch; Nitroglycerin patches for the treatment of angina; Transdermal scopolamine as a treatment for motion sickness; Vitamin B12 and many other vitamins, supplements and nutrition may also be administered through a transdermal patch; Insect repellent (anti-mosquito) are also very popular worldwide to prevent insect bites. You can get useful information about health supplement using this website
And the list of products available become every year larger. Generally, because transdermal delivery works fast, safe and delivers the products in low dosage directly to the blood scientists produces every day new products. Please take a look at our catalog, we have a great choice of non-medical transdermal patches for many of your healthcare needs.